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We are providing you a way to contribute to restoring and maintaining the Forest Creek Pool that means so much to our neighborhood and our children.


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Today 70 mph winds swept through Tulsa and uprooted a large oak tree, its base over 4 feet in diameter, and deposited it not so gently on the pool house. The tree also knocked down a portion of the fence that had been generously donated over a decade ago by a kind-hearted man who visited the pool to witness what could have possibly damaged his iron fence.  When he saw the size of the tree, he understood (see picture below).

It has been a very hard year financially for the Forest Creek Pool, replacing the skimmers, the pumps, the motors, and the expense of this storm, each one costing thousands of dollars.  

Your generosity would be appreciated to help maintain the financial stability of the pool where many kids have and will spend their summers.

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